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Don't Buy It, DIY It!

Save money and get just the look you want with our how-to instructions for home furnishings and projects you can build yourself.

This DIY sliding barn door replaced a swinging door between the kitchen and mudroom that would hit the table in the eating area | via @Ashli @Mini Manor Blog

  • Flora Baxter

    I love this idea! My master bath is so small and the door opens into a closet door! This would be a perfect solution!

This handsome side table is made with stock pieces, doesn't require any sawing, and will take less time to make than shopping for a look-alike! Get the instructions here. | Photo: Wendell t. Webber |

Vintage wood balusters can make for stately candleholders set up on a hearth. For just a few dollars you can make them in less than an hour with our step-by-step instructions. | Photo: John Gruen |

Follow our step-by-steps for building this handsome cocktail hutch, and you'll always be ready for guests with a place to hang glasses, store wine bottles, tuck bottle openers and napkins, and display spirits. | Photo: Ryan Benyi |

For less than $100 you can build a DIY Étagère out of plumbing pipe and fittings, plus shatterproof acrylic, rather than glass, for the shelves. | Photo: Jesse Walker/Cornerhouse Stock |

Using a 1-inch-thick wood panel, jute rope, two types of chain, and mason jars from a closeout store, this TOH reader created an expensive-looking chandelier for just $100! | Photo: Cassandra Stambaugh |

Want the look of a custom built-in without having to shell out big bucks? This one was put together with inexpensive IKEA Pax wardrobes and lumber rescued from construction sites for just $320. |

Pouring your own concrete counters is easier now thanks to prepackaged concrete mix and foam forms. Check out Quikrete Countertop Mix available by special order at home centers and Preitech's foam form which comes with an instructional DVD. | Photo: Tria Giovan |

  • Tracie Samuels

    Please use concrete alternatives. Concrete releases a lot of carbon, which is very bad.

Create this stylish sunburst mirror for yourself for under $40 using carpenter shims and glue. We have your instructions here. | Photo: Ryan Benyi |

Using wood from old skids and castoff futon frame, this reader built a new cart for his kettle grill. |

A DIY pergola adds architectural interest to this garage. See the full effect here. |

Repurpose wood pallets as outdoor seating. | Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany Hill; (inset) iStock Photo |

27 do-it-yourself bedroom furnishings projects that add appeal—and save you money. |

This three-tiered side table takes less time to make than shopping for a look-alike with our easy step-by-steps. | Photo: Wendell t. Webber |

Build your own Adirondack chair in less than a day with our easy-to-follow instructions. | Illustration: Gregory Nemec | |

Cute DIY dollhouse bunk bed with storage in the steps and plenty of room for toys inside. 2013 TOH Dont Buy It, DIY It! Contest. |

How would you like this workshop shed, created by one of our readers and entered into our 2013 TOH Dont Buy It, DIY It! Contest? |

Using scrap materials, this DIY Dad built his horse-loving daughter a stable, complete with big stalls, a hay loft tower with a rope pulley, a tack room, working doors, all topped with a weathervane. See more at |

For a fraction of the cost of custom-created radiator covers, this homeowner designed and built these himself using popular with granite top inserts. A gap at the top allows natural convection to occur. 2013 TOH Dont Buy It, DIY It! Contest |

Using pre-made gingerbread brackets and poplar and pine boards, this reader fabricated a vintage-style coat rack. 2013 TOH Dont Buy It, DIY It! contest |

For a retro industrial look, this couple cut the tops off glass insulators and wired them with home center pendant kits. |

Nice craftsmanship on this mortise-and tenon-joint, art-deco style coffee table constructed by a reader for his parents! 2013 TOH Dont Buy It, DIY It! Contest |

Discarded wood pallets, painted, stained and nailed to plywood were crafted into a bed frame as a surprise wedding anniversary present by this entrant in our 2013 TOH Dont Buy It, DIY It! contest. |