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Holiday Gifts for Him

Our holiday picks for the guys on your list.

No need to hire an electrician: The Woodworth antiqued-brass twist doorbell is mechanical and installs easily to the door or casing. About about $70 from signaturehardware... | Photo: Ted Morrison |

35 Super-Fast Fixes and Easy Upgrades

These hi-fi speakers by Grain Audio are crafted from FSC-certified walnut and rubbed down with VOC-free oil built to blend in, with the look and feel of furniture. And the flawless acoustics are just as rich and warm as the aesthetics. About $700 a pair from | Photo: Ted Morrison |

The TOH Top 100: Best New Home Products 2013

The Three-Stage Power Snow Thrower by Cub Cadet features a corkscrew-shaped chopper in the front of the scoop that punches through snow walls up to 18 inches tall and dices even the iciest snow fed in from the augers, accelerating it through the chute 50 percent faster than the previous model did. About $1,400 from |

If a sliding compound miter saw is on his list, read this first. We put 8 models to the test to help you find the one that's right for his needs and your wallet. | Photo: Wendell T. Webber |

TOH Tested: Sliding Compound Miter Saws
  • Lisa Bernardi

    Exactly. One was on my list and I'm a HER.

  • This Old House

    Ah, we had a feeling the whole his/her thing might cause some raised eyebrows. And at TOH we tend to be unisex. But Pinterest has invited us to participate in His and Her Gift Guide boards. And so we were forced to segment. Sorry if any of our uber DIY women were offended. We love and support you!

  • M. Catherine Maddock

    Oh, TOH I couldn't stay mad at you. You have too many good articles :-)

  • Isalyn Galle

    looks complicatd

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You'd be hard-pressed to find a Mid-Century-style piece for less than this handsome Stockholm Chair from About $140. |

The TOH Top 100: Best New Home Products 2013

For the coffee connoisseur with deep pockets, this commercial-grade espresso maker can't be beat. From | Photo: Ken Gutmaker |

Small Changes Equal Big Improvements in a Kitchen Space

Carving the holiday meal will be a lot easier with sharper knives. We like this electric sharpening model because it uses diamond-particle disks to make 20-degree bevels on an edge so that it curves outward like a Gothic arch; the disks also create micro-grooves for more "bite." A second, gentler set of disks hones; a third set polishes for even smoother cutting. Chef's Choice, about $150 from | Photo: Ted Morrison |

Electric Knife Sharpeners

Turn his passion--and collection of antique tools--into a wreath by attaching them with heavy floral wire to a sturdy wire frame. |

Creative Ideas for DIY Wreaths
  • Sarah F

    Every house looks better with a little tetanus.

  • David Futrell

    No no no. This is a terrible idea. "Look honey I took you useful things and made them useless".

  • Melanie Hunter

    Exactly... Why would any sane person do that. I'd be livid if I saw my tools desecrated like that.

  • Eddie Mars

    If he or she does it, here's some places to buy new tools.

  • lisa lisa

    Why? It would be a great way to honor my grandfather and his love for his tools. He had so many there's no way I could use them all.

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This rugged riser with a rough-hewn seat is a replica of a 1900s drafting stool. About $150 from | Photo: Lisa Shin |

Standout Bar Stools

These flared, domed, and bowl-shaped lights will bring vintage style to any space. Green, about $410 from; white, about $150 from; red, about $75 from | Photo: Ted Morrison |

Factory-Style Pendants

These two-faced thermometers with clocks have the look of a 19th century railway fixture. Left, the Embassy from, about $50. Right, about $66 from the Outdoor Shop on | Photo: Yunhee Kim |

Station-Style Thermometers With Clocks

Don't fret over the fate of midday deliveries when you're away. Bolt this 3-foot-tall container to any hard surface outside your front door and let your courier drop your parcel into a locked bin—well protected from rainy skies and nosy neighbors. Elephantrunk Parcel Drop, about $300 from architecturalmail... | Photo: Ted Morrison |

The TOH Top 100: Best New Home Products 2013

Here's a great way to show him he's your champion: This classic silver-plate footed pitcher resembles a sailing race victory cup. About $80, available at | Photo: Ted Morrison |

A fireproof copper-plated container will help him keep wood tidy and reflect the fire's glow. About $145 from | Photo: Ted Morrison |

Create a Colorful Holiday Hearth

Agate geodes, split and shined, are handsome bookends for a home office or library. About $45 from | Photo: John Gruen |

Create a Naturalist's Living Room

For a naturalist look in his man cave, layer a silky skin over woven sisal to play up the different textures. Cowhide, about $200 from Sisal, about $185 from | Photo: John Gruen; (inset) Wendell T. Webber |

Create a Naturalist's Living Room

Metal nailheads, label frames, and corners give these cardboard boxes a lasting look. Deskside, they're a stylish solution for organizing loose papers. About $13 and $16 from | Photo: (inset) Alison Rosa |

At sea, the graphic designs on these cotton naval flags stand for letters of the alphabet. Hang a series representing his initials on the wall for a sporty shot of color. About $10 each from Handcrafted Model Ships | Photo: (inset) Alison Rosa |

For the nautically inclined, the vibrant patterns on these weathered reproduction floats once represented territories for different lobstermen. About $20 each from Nautical Tropical | Photo: (inset) Alison Rosa |

Create a Nautical Home Office

For your the handyman in your life, Gorilla Clear Repair is a transparent alternative to duct tape, made of the same plastic that encases golf balls, virtually disappears once applied. It tears easily and stays put, thanks to a thick acrylic adhesive the maker claims is five times stronger than the silver stuff. About $7 from | Photo: Ted Morrison |

The TOH Top 100: Best New Home Products 2013

Nothing is so aggravating as trying to turn a bolt in confined quarters—unless the head of your ratchet swivels on its axis, like the Wobble Ratchet by Craftsman does; it's a long-overdue design fix. The telescoping handle lets the tool slip into tight spots. About $40 for a 30-piece set from |

The TOH Top 100: Best New Home Products 2013

Woodworkers and DIYers will appreciate the Carvex 420 series Jigsaw by Festool. Handling curves doesn't get any easier: The motor adapts its speed to the material; a blower clears dust from your cutline; and LEDs synchronize with the blade, creating the illusion that it's stationary and making it easier to guide. About $350 from |

The TOH Top 100: Best New Home Products 2013

You could collect a quiver of bar clamps or, for a lot less, slap these 2×4 Clamps by Stanley on any old 2×4 to turn the board into a temporary clamp exactly the size you need. If that's not versatile enough to earn a spot in your toolbox, you can flip the two pieces around to make a spreader. A great stocking stuffer for just $20 from | Photo: Ted Morrison |

The TOH Top 100: Best New Home Products 2013
  • MILDRED v v

    Chekout this amazing resource of 16,000 wood working plans & projects that you can instantly download and use for free.. this is amazingly helpful..,I wish I found this years back.