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Not-So-Secret Gardens

See our most inspiring gardens, easy step-by-step landscaping projects, plant lists, and more

Hydrangeas and dogwoods backed by doublefile viburnum make a showy border year-round. | Photo: John Gruen

A Private and Inviting Front Yard

This garden may look like it's deeply rooted in the past, with plenty of worn-around-the-edges patina, but that's an impression created through plenty of thoughtful, smart decisions. | Photo: Jennifer Cheung

Timeless Treasure Garden

To create a terraced vegetable garden, this couple used bags of concrete mix to shore up the rows. One section at a time, they positioned the unopened bags along the downward slope, then soaked them with a hose each day for a week. Once the concrete inside the bags was stiff, they added additional rows until they had enough supports for flat planting beds. When complete, they ripped off the paper to reveal tidy rows of pillow-shaped concrete blocks. Photo: Mark Lohman

Garden Beauty on a Budget

Railing planters filled with bright blooms and tall ferns or grasses offer splashes of color while also increasing privacy. When hung inside the railing, they let you, rather than the neighbors, enjoy their decorative boost. | Keller + Keller

Outdoor Rooms as the Perfect Staycation Destinations

Looking for perennials that will spread or reseed themselves right through your picket fence? Black-eyed Susans, are ideal, as are asters, bearded irises, bee balms, daylilies, four o’clocks, goldenrods, mums, phlox, purple coneflowers, Queen Anne’s lace, and spider flowers. |

Easy-Growing Flowers for Fences

A seating area within this potager garden gives the owners a choice way to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labors. | Designed by Brooke and Steve Giannetti /

giannetti home: our clients' beautiful garden... - Velvet & Linen

White picket fences seem tailor-made for climbing roses, like ‘The Fairy’, but don’t overlook other worthy candidates such as ‘Amethyst Falls’ American wisterias, bougainvilleas, Carolina jessamines, clematis, Confederate jasmines, crossvines, cypress vines, hyacinth beans, mandevillas, morning glories, passion vines, and trumpet honeysuckles. |

Easy-Growing Flowers for Fences

A rusted wreck, like this broken-down carriage or a vintage tractor, becomes a focal point in the garden, drawing visitors to far corners that might otherwise go ignored. | Photo: Richard Felber |

Turn Salvaged Junk Into Garden Ornaments

In this woodland garden, a small bluestone patio is softened by chartreuse mounds of 'All Gold' Japanese forest grass and shaded by several uncommon trees and shrubs, including four Japanese hollies and a 'Yoshino' Japanese cedar that towers above them. | Photo: Rob Cardillo |

A Charming Garden With Planter's Punch