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Filed under "I could never afford a smartphone, so I made my own."

Why use Adobe Fireworks given Adobe appears to be focusing mainly on Photoshop? • File size - fireworks pngs even complex multi-page documents are very small • Flexibility - multiple states, pages, animations in one file • Implementability - easily coded. • Vector on pixel grid - most vector apps don't care about pixels, or don't give you the fine grained pixel snapping absolutely necessary when making icons and UIs that will be used at different resolutions.

Android gets it first, but Apple gets it right.

Super sexy Corvette at Jay Leno's Garage

We're All Connected. We're all connected. The red hotspots on this map show where the most devices that can access the internet are located. Read more: via Gizmodo

ALL CAPS. Sometimes, you'll come across the especially un-tech savvy Baby Boomer who inexplicably writes their emails in all caps.

The email disaster can be mortifying, hurtful, or even friendship-damaging. - Emailing Person X to say something bad about Person Y and accidentally emailing it to Person Y instead. - Replying just to Person X on a group chain to say something private and accidentally replying to all. - Forwarding an email to someone and forgetting that below the email is a whole correspondence chain that has something sensitive in it, maybe even about the person you just forwarded it to.

This isn't a new video game controller. This is a steering wheel in a modern Formula One car.

Filed under "I could never afford a smartphone, so I made my own."

Once again I am so glad to have a dual monitor setup in my office. My main monitor is my large Apple display and my 2nd is a large flat screen Viewsonic I picked up for $40 at Goodwill. In reviewing tomorrow's Illustrator lesson, I have the finished version of the file on the right as I work on my edit on the main monitor. Having 2 monitors has been a regular part of my work now for several years and when I have to use only 1 monitor (while teaching), it always seems so limited!

Microwaving a CD for 10 seconds reveals the concentric circle pattern of the CD surface, which is otherwise undetected by the naked eye. Read more: via Princeton University

My new book arrived today. Creative Web Design with Adobe Muse by David Asch. This book covers the new features in Adobe Muse CC 2014.

Uh. Oh. But can it see through clothes? Ever wanted to see through walls with your iPhone? No problem. This new case combines thermal images with data from the phone's camera to deliver a sharp image: via WIRED

I see the world through Adobe eyes: Sign says "Fireworks" and I think "greatest web graphics program ever built." Sign says PSW and I think "Photoshop World" Sign says "Hot Links" and I think about linking vs embedding. Just drove past "Tom Green" street. Help me!

Jet Propelled "Cool Bus" Your kids will never be late to school again! Found on Being Latino Page.. www.jamesellisfit... James Ellis