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Thomas Strickland

Thomas Strickland

Theatre director, UX architect, amateur photographer, recovering blogger. More of my adventures can be found here:

Charlie Chaplin and Helen Keller - Imgur

CX Map, much more explicit in nature than a Journey

billie holiday photo: carl van vechten

Oakley Designs A Bad Ass Flask For The Macallan.

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Downton Abbey sisters...

Broccoli and Stilton Soup

NASA's Z-1 spacesuit could be used for exploring the moon and Mars #infographic (someone at NASA has been watching Toy Story for inspiration)

Rubber Stamp Business Card- self produced business cards. Drawing much inspiration from European matchbox designs. Made into two rubber stamps by a local stamp company, easy to reproduce at home on demand, capture some of that roughed up and unpredictable print texture reminiscent of screen and lithography prints.

If had one of these on Xmas day, 1975, you know what awesome feels like. ||