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stunning. would love to have a picture like this with my husband one day & hang it in my bathroom

Although winter is not my favorite season, there is a quiet beauty unique to it that makes me grateful I live in a place with all 4 seasons.

How to be Irresistible to Men – A Man’s Perspective

Newly wed tradition: take a picture in the same spot for all four season, frame together to symbolize your first year of marriage.... This is actually really cute

so how cool would it be to do one of these for your kid? 1st side in kindergarden and 2nd side when they graduated highschool?

Newborn - use the mothers/fathers rings to accentuate baby's tiny hands

13 Newborn Photos to Replicate- I'm going to be glad I repinned this one day!

Awesome perspective photography

Elegant black photo

grocery sack over the flash: this makes a great “lightbox” and helps spread the light across your kids face and cuts down on shadows