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Slash your organic food bill by almost 90 percent with this one simple method | —"A recent study has found that we needn't sacrifice healthy food during times of economic hardship -- instead, we can use a straightforward strategy to purchase organic fare without the hefty price tag." Learn more: www.naturalnews.c...

Guanabana: the cancer killer big pharma doesn't want you to know about |—"Guanabana is known by a variety of names -- including soursop, cherimoya, custard apple, Brazilian paw paw and graviola. However you recognize this versatile tree, one aspect is clear: guanabana provides powerful relief from a a wide scope of disease. Tackling cancer, herpes, parasites, infections and more, guanabana is an important player in the battle against ill health."

New study links autism to pesticide exposure during pregnancy | —"Researchers at the University of California in Davis have recently confirmed that pregnant mothers living in proximity to fields treated with pesticides are at a higher risk for having children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)." Learn more: www.naturalnews.c...

New study links autism to pesticide exposure during pregnancy

The Healing Code: A new frontier in restoring health and preventing disease —"The Healing Code is the easiest and most effective 'do-it-yourself' healing technique I have ever found! It works consistently, predictably, and quickly on a wide range of issues. In other words, 'ITS THE REAL DEAL!'" Learn more: www.naturalnews.c... #naturalnews #health #healing

Cultivate vibrant health and a clear mind with the wisdom of Ayurveda |—"The ancient yogis of India recognized long ago that "we are what we eat" and devised a system of guidance to promote the most harmonious state of mind and body."

Breaking - Spokane City Council rebels against bee-killing pesticide and votes to ban neonicotinoids | —"Another positive step in protecting bees has been taken, this time by the Spokane City Council. It will now be illegal for the City of Spokane to purchase or use neonicotinoid insecticides, such as RoundUp Ready."

DIY $2 self-watering garden bed - Grow produce easily, even in the toughest drought conditions | —"By embracing drought-tolerant, small-scale and local growing methods, each one of us can ease the burden on water resources, cut down on pollution, relieve hunger with nourishing food, connect with our neighbors and save money to boot. It's a win-win situation all the way around.'

How to stop geoengineering in your community - and why you should care | —"More individuals around the world are looking skyward with concern at the increasingly frequent crosshatch patterns left by planes. Oftentimes dismissed as contrails, mounting evidence of toxic chemicals in our air, water supply and soil indicate otherwise." Learn more: www.naturalnews.c...

Honeysuckle: A sweet-scented remedy that calms inflammation, infection and contagious illness | —"If you have a honeysuckle plant flourishing nearby, a surprising medicinal plant is right at your fingertips. One of the most important herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this fragrant beauty is much more than just an ornamental vine -- the flowers exhibit antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties as well." #herbalremedies #herbs

5 simple methods to boost immunity and detoxification | —"If you're seeking an uncomplicated way to cultivate health, look to the lymphatic system." Learn more: www.naturalnews.c...

5 simple methods to boost immunity and detoxification

Four unusual superfood smoothies that can change your life for the better | —"Smoothies have been in fashion for quite some time now as a quick, nutrient dense and health-inspiring way to keep the body humming and happy. Even so, it's easy to fall into a rut and miss out on a world of unusual combinations that act as potent functional foods. Whether taming inflammation, guarding against cancer or boosting energy, the following four examples can breathe new life into your daily smoothie habit."

Do refined carbs pack on the pounds and create addiction? Research says yes—"Eating highly processed carbohydrates can have a similar effect on brain chemistry as addictive substances according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition."

Win the battle of the bulge, dodge cancer and subdue inflammation with raspberries—"Raspberries are much more than just a delicious taste of summer, the fruit also packs a powerful nutritional punch that can fend-off disease while keeping the body fit and strong." Learn more: www.naturalnews.c...

Argan - The miracle beauty oil that also tames heart disease, diabetes and arthritis—"Argan oil. It's all the rage among those who treasure flawless skin and glossy hair. But the advantages of the oil aren't just skin deep -- numerous health benefits have also been discovered within the scientific community. Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, argan oil just may be a one stop beauty and health remedy rolled into one."

Healing capacity of curcumin significantly improved through nanotechnology - research

The hidden dangers of going gluten-free - here's how to avoid the pitfalls — "Many are falling into the trap of "junk gluten-free" -- foods high in sugar, starch, additives and genetically modified (GM) ingredients. Concerned health advocates believe that in the quest to eliminate gluten from the diet, individuals are, in actuality, exchanging one problematic food for another."

GMOs encourage weight gain and obesity, researchers discover Learn more: www.naturalnews.c...

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The link between GM cotton and antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea - scientists sound the alarm

The silent toxin in food that provokes cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and more

3 unexpected foods that can help you beat the blues

3 unexpected foods that can help you beat the blues

3 easy habits for a long, disease-free life

3 easy habits for a long, disease-free life