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Santa’s left music for Richard Arlen and Mary Brian in The Light of Western Stars (1930).

An unknown little girl by her tree in the early '30s. Remember those construction-paper chains and "Japanese lanterns" we used to make in school and at home while we had the measles?

1919 - Wow! A new crystal set! There were no commercial broadcasting stations in 1919. KDKA in Pittsburgh was the first in 1921 and even then was not on a regular schedule. They would put ads in the paper to tell you when to listen. About all you could get in these days was naval morse code wireless and ham radio geeks, but it was such a wonder! And expensive! That very simple set with half a dozen parts in it cost as much - adjusted for inflation - as a wide-screen HD-TV today. A handsome p

Macy's Santa in 1942: This must have been a bitter-sweet job to have in '42, gently lowering those bright-eyed expectations..

Vintage Christmas Green Glass Garland Beads 90" long

Antique blue gold Mercury Glass Beaded Czech Bohemian Russian Blue blue Christmas STAR Ornament