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Extension Cord holder - Part 1. Uses bike hooks screwed into the board. Hinged at top - See part 2 to see why.

Autumn Tree by Red Barn by Bob Krist. Print from, $29.99

DIY: Make your own potato tower and learn to grow your own potatoes - no digging!

★Beautiful fall barn scene


Emperor Penguin Chick and Adulta, Snow Hill Island, Weddell Sea, Antarctica, Polar Regions by Thorsten Milse. Photographic print from

Drink and snack storage for back yard parties... Or swimsuit, towel, sunscreen holder.

Muskrats in Twin Lakes

the owl making its home in a drainpipe, photo by Ann Toon, UK


  • Misty Parkhurst

    no control, and so we will grow

  • Jane Morley

    Shop at local farm markets as often as possible!!!!

  • Sharon Craven

    Destroying the planet one seed at a time, the scarey fact is they have billions of seeds they are planting.

  • Misty Parkhurst

    Im soo glad others know what they are trying to do to our food. Grow your own with heirloom seeds. If you can grow it you can can it.