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bible god quotes 364 Stop remembering what God has forgotten I am working on forgiving others, right now & the scriptures say forgive if you want to be forgiven (I think it's in Matthew ch 6) so... As long as I am doing my part... I need to work on making this happen. It's hard. My memory is like a bull.

Stop remembering what God has forgotten « Bible and God Quotes

for real// bikes, rollerskates, farm animals at grandpas' farm, waterfights and other fun stuff//

I can relate to this - Hp Lyrikz - Inspiring Quotes

If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies. How very different our ideals of beauty would be.

Lmao, this kid is awesome!

What would you choose?

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Disturb us, Lord

Six Verses to pray for your husband

Greater things are yet to come.

gorgeous, take the city. picture on VisualizeUs

"Be confident . . ."

this is how I feel talking to an increasing number of people!!!! DOH!


Those skeletons though. Us Americans and our Fahrenheit

Those skeletons though.

There's the romantic "Need" (You complete me, My life is better with you, I couldn't imagine life without you) and the codependent "Need" (I need a man to be complete, I need to not be alone). The difference is one occurs after you've fallen in love and even though its sweet it isn't literal. the other is always there, and is often the reason people end up in bad relationships, and their own self worth depends on being with someone. I never "need" a man, but I have found the one my soul "needs"

girl-thing-17 : theBERRY

Dishonor in you! Dishonor on your cow!

Love (:

Workplace humor

Account Suspended

I love this.

Vietnam War Remnants Museum, Saigon

He calmed the storm to a whisper and stilled the waves. - Psalm 107:29


So, why not... - The Meta Picture