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Cute Post-Chemo Hairstyles to Consider

Use leave-in curl cream so your new post-chemo curls stayed shaped and HEALTHY at the same time. I was too nervous to start using alcohol based hair products because my hair was still fragile. I found an inexpensive olive oil based cream at Walmart!

For those of us blessed with post-chemo hair that is FINALLY getting some length: 6 Pretty Cute Hairstyles For Short Hair You’ll Ever See

I promised an update. One year after final chemo, I can finally make a little ponytail!! It's the small joys in life, friends ♥ (Moment shared with encouragement from my stepdaughter)

  • Lyn

    I can finally make a small pony tail. :)

  • Nina Covarrubias


  • Tracey Woodward

    You look so happy!! And beautiful! I am working my way back from chemo too!

  • Nina Covarrubias

    Thank you, Tracey! I'm really glad to hear your fabulous news. Rock on!!

  • Donna Lee

    I came upon your pin because I'm on heart medicine and it took some of my hair out and then i saw this pic.....good luck and God bless !

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