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The Earth Is 4.6 Billion Years Old

Wired Honeybees Show Harmful Impacts of Pesticides on Navigation - Using tiny radar antennae glued to the backs of honeybees, European scientists have found that bees exposed to neonicotinoid pesticides were more likely to become disoriented and separated from their hives.

7 Best Spots to See Wild Animals living free - Animals belong in their native habitats—not behind bars in a for-profit menagerie. February 21, 2013 David Kirby

green roof - small wood house - and a water wheel! // Water wheel producing 24 kw power/day on 20 cm of running water - 2 thousand pounds installed, paid for in 2 years

Copper Harbor, Michigan, bike trail

Recycled island - urban concept by Whim Architecture | A team of Dutch researchers are planning to make an island the size of Hawaii entirely from 44 million kilograms of plastic waste.

British Columbia - The Last Place on Earth Without an Endangered Species Law (CA) petition

On Jan.7, 2013 "artist" Abdel Abdessemedhat wants to enchain a horse, a cow, a goat, a pig, a sheep and a fawn and then kill them with a hammer !! This "performance" shall take place at Centre Pompidou, one of the most famous museums in Paris. Sign this to help stop him.

If you have a little time here is a whole page of petitions to sign against dog consumption in South Korea.

Mind Your Waste Infographic: you’ll be amazed at how much textile waste America generates each year.

A zookeeper holds a Amur tiger cub (Panthera tigris altaica), also known as the Siberian tiger, during weighing in the Leipzig Zoo in Leipzig, central Germany Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012. Two Amur tiger babies were born on July 20, 2012. The still nameless tigers have achieved a weight of about 9 kilogram in the meantime. The Amur tiger is the largest living felid.

#Prepper #Survival - How will you stay warm if you vehicle is stranded in the snow? First and foremost, know that snow is great for insulation. It's the same concept of an igloo. Burying your vehicle in snow can slow the dissipation of heat. Next up, do you have a winter survival kit? More info here.

New skills for survival : How to Make a Solar Still. Make your own distilled water from stream or lake water, salt water, or even brackish, dirty water, using these DIY Solar Still plans

Full Circle Home Green Slate Fresh Air Kitchen Compost Collector by Full Circle $19.99

Base of Skull~ inferior surface

DDR Sustainability Initiatives - Water Conservation

DDR Sustainability Initiatives - Lighting

Petition to sign and share. 12 28 2012. Australia: Stop Your Cruel, Barbaric Treatment of Gentle and Innocent Sheep BY SHILPA AGARWAL Target: Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Minister for Agriculture Tony Burke. Goal: Ask the Australian government to put an end to the brutal mutilation of innocent sheep.