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My biggest fear is to lose you! Early one morning an 80 year old man walked in the doctors office to remove stitches from a would. It was 8:15am and the man mentioned he had another appointment at 9:00am. The doctor patiently asked him to take a seat knowing it might be longer than an hour. Minutes later he noticed the old man impatiently checking his watch, so he decided to take him in. While the doctor cured him he asked the man if he had an appointment with another doctor. The senior said no, his appointment was with his wife at the geriatric clinic for breakfast. Discretely the doctor asked about the woman's health, he replied that she was there due to Alzheimer. The doctor asked if she would be upset if he was a lil' late, sadly the man said she couldn't recognize him, "She doesn't remember me, five years have passed and she still doesn't know who I am." Shocked the doctor said: You visit her every day although she doesn't know you? The old man smiled and said, "She may not know who I am, but I sure do know who she is and I love her with all my heart." The doctor held back his tears as he watched the man leave. He thought to himself...That's the type of love I want in my life. Real love is not physical or romantic. Real love is accepting them as they are, have been, and will be. Happiness is not necessarily having it all, its about making the best of what you have. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about dancing in the rain.

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People with Down syndrome make great employees, are honest and hardworking, have dreams and aspirations, and have more in common with you and I than we realize. Helping change these perceptions is the goal of the successful campaign from The National Down Syndrome Congress.

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