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Minnie Mouse Ribbon Sculpture Hair Clip by maryellenaliperti, $7.00

So your kid is on the honor roll at Spring Creek Elementary? Instead of using a boring bumper sticker to show your pride, show off the reason WHY they’re on the honor roll – with their creativity. Here’s the perfect how-to to take their art on the road with you using your Chevrolet Traverse and magnets.

  • Danielle Jacobs

    I don't understand bumper stickers. Why would you openly advertise anything about your self or family to a bunch of strangers on the road?

  • Siobhan Rhodes

    Be careful placing magnets onto paint on your car. It holds water, creating rust spots.

  • Dallas R.

    Not to mention fine scratches in the gloss and paint over time!

  • Melody Kauer

    Where do you get the magnets?

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pink breast cancer awareness wreath by DecorableByBeverlee on Etsy, $45.00 Or this ....

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