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Digital Cinema Tools

Technical news about digital cinema's workflow, DSLRs and more...

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ARRI AMIRA: Specs, Price, And Processors, by Joe Marine (2 Videos)

IKONOSKOP Workflow: Creating Real Value - First notes on working with cinemaDNG, by Jesse Borkowski

Worldwide Release: "REAL VALUE", The 70 min. Documentary Shot on IKONOSKOP by Jesse Borkowski

Digital Bolex D16 Candle Light Test. By Peter Haas (00:56)

End of Film: The Business behind The Show (02:35)

Love it or Hate it: a brutally honest look at Final Cut Pro X by Scott Simmons (50:08)

4K Smartphones? Sugar Man of course

> Calibrate That Display! < But do it with Alexis Van Hurkman

SMART WHY: Evolution of the Dolly Zoom, by Vashi Nedomansky (08:27)

New Proposed H.265 Licensing Agreement Means Content Creators Will Never Pay Royalties. By Joe Marine

Everything you wanted to know about Sony XAVC, by Hugo Gaggioni (34:15)

The Coloristos benchmark the "New Mac Pro" (Audio 56:07)

The History of Cutting - The Birth of Cinema and Continuity Editing, by John P. Hess (14:07)

The History of Cutting - The Birth of Cinema an...

Aaton: A Cantar X3 prototype is close

Working with the PS Cam X35 – 750fps slow motion. By Sebastian Wöber (02:06)

DSLR Cinematography: "Getting your style shot quickly", by Mike Pecci

Indiewire: 5 Films That Could Have (Should Have) Been Nominated for a Best Cinematography Oscar

Academy Awards: All Best Picture nominees chose ARRI...

Open Source Apertus Axiom 4K Camera Project

Have Fun: BMPCC & RED Scarlet-X Quick Comparison, by Rex Yau (00:36)

Indiewire recommends Digital Cinema Tools' Pinterest Board :)

Using a Crane: Educating your Audience on Geography & the Art of Discovery. By Shane Hurlbut, ASC (6 Videos)

RED Digital Cinema: Understanding Anamorphic Lenses

GEAR... a smart interview with Ryan Koo (07:36)

RED DRAGON is 'Done,' Camera Upgrades Will Begin in September. By Joe Marine