Orange You Glad it's Summer {Gift Idea!}

Orange You Glad it's Summer {Gift Idea!} - Bloglovin

Secret sister gift for YW camp. Glow sticks with a quote from President Monson

YW secret sister gift! Scatter sunshine :)

Brownie in a cup! Great gift idea.Sharpie the instructions onto mug, add the dry ingredients, and wrap.

Brownie in a CUP!

Original father’s day gift…Love this. I saw this same card being used for teacher gifts and they were so cute!

Original father’s day gift…

Teacher Appreciation Gift

East Coast Mommy: First Day of School Class Treats/Gifts

Cute idea for a birthday card - money rolled as part of the birthday candles.

Birthdays Galore!

"candy awards" for the end of the year- so stinkin' cute!!

Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

Thanks in candy! Find tons of sayings you can create from candy bars.


All Photos - Photos

Valentine sayings - I'm using several of these today as I prepare for Valentine's day.

great ideas & themes for putting together great gift baskets.

Great Y.W. activity - make a compliment kit

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