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Bravo Behavior- when the entire table has bravo behavior, the teacher will choose a student to shade in 1 square. 3 shaded squares equals a prize

Amazing website... it gives specific books for whatever strategy you are teaching!

Whole Brain Teaching: 10-Finger Woo! Alternatives - 3rd Grade Thoughts

Taking a Zero: Reinforcing student responsibility and giving them ownership in the process of improving their work habits.

turn your kids into grammar sharks: national grammar day | free printable with 20+ common grammar mistakes

Looking for Close Reading Resources? You have to check out Snap Learning! It is awesome... made by teachers, for teachers! TONS of resources - ready to use immediately (love!).

Awareness on Soil Erosion...going to look up how to do this so the kids and i can do something like this for one of their science lessons

35 Free Apps for Teachers! This great list of apps will save you time, money, and effort in integrating the best apps in instruction!

Testing for Conductors or Insulators

Some good ideas for word work

Are your students: watching a movie? listening to a guest speaker? going on a field trip? reading an article? Use one of these note sheets to help your students remember what they learn, or to see if your students understood what you wanted them to, or to take an easy grade on those �experiential learning� activities. This includes 3 different sheets to use for notetaking. Tested with real students in the classroom of Heidi Raki. $2.00

Free, ready-to-use Jeopardy game...all you have to do is put in your own text

Great ideas for readers notebooks I'm so doing this. This teacher has the cutest notebook set up. You must check it out!

Students use this form to correct questions they missed on a test. They are required to explain why they missed the problem and show how to get the right answer.

We finally began 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication this week! The kids are absolutely loving the matrix box we use to introduce 2x2 multiplication!! They love it because it's super easy. I love it because it shows them the place value involved in 2x2 multiplication. They can actually see the process of multiplying the ones and tens of one number by the ones and tens of the second number.

like this anchor chart and the source looks really promising too! All Things Upper Elementary: Teaching Theme: Anchor Chart

A fantastic, funny video illustrating some of the curious idioms we hear and use on a daily basis.

This bulletin board set of test-prep strategies helps you prepare students for testing in a way that matches reader's workshop. Use this bulletin board set to review strategies for reading comprehension that you have taught students all year long. This board allows you to move from what students KNOW about reading in general to HOW that applies to reading for a reading test... “test prep passages” as a reading genre that students develop an understanding of how the test/passages are designed.

4th Grade End of the Year Review - This review is a great way to have FUN going beyond boring worksheets and engaging students in a 4th Grade Common Core Math Review. This set has 6 game show style reviews and all domains and standards are covered! WOW! $