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Funny Pictures Of The Day - 83 Pics

Super EASY Chicken Crockpot Recipe (the secret ingredient is cream cheese!!) NO PREP!!! YES!!!--so I made this by plopping in frozen chicken, frozen corn, rinsed can if black beans, block if cream cheese, two cups water/teo cubes chicken broth, and can if Rotel. Turned out awesome!! Chicken fell apart/shredded when I went to stir it. Will probably adapt recipe to make a chicken corn chowder.

I seriously want this!

Yoga vs Booze...

If it zips, it fits....right? are we sure this is real?

Her captions. I can't even..

my kind of drink. caffeinated. no carbs, no sugar. even includes a straw! :D

EVERY Target shopper NEEDS to know this!!! Target's mark down schedule. - MONDAY: Kids’ Clothing, Stationery (office supplies, gift wrap), Electronics. TUESDAY: Women’s Clothing and Domestics. WEDNESDAY: Men’s Clothing, Toys, Health and Beauty. THURSDAY: Lingerie, Shoes, Housewares. FRIDAY: cosmetics :} ALSO! If the price ends in 8, it will be marked down again. If it ends in a 4, it's the lowest it will be.

I need this but its only a .22