The Best 70's and 80's Toys ohh my grandma always had these @ her house!

Oh my gosh!!!! All the time!!! 90's kids!!! This new generation just doesn't understand!!! Lol!

AAAAAHHH omg i used to collect these, by far my favourite and most memorable Happy Meal toys of my childhood! I haven't seen them in years...ooh i wish so much i could get the whole set now!

You know what they say..."Once A Girl Scout, Always A Girl Scout!"

vintage toys

I was the BIGGEST Lisa frank fan....still am !!! follow me on Instagram:) ❤❤❤❤ @kayeebee26 &&& @ 0mq_meow

I remember playing this in Elementary school...

lisa frank

Just a reminder that this actually happened. You're welcome.

  • Sarah Toribio

    bahaha. i've tried to forget about those days. . . so thank you for that.

EACH OF MY KIDS HAD ONE OF THESE THEY LOVED THEM - well, my children shared one...ha...and then even some of my grandchildren play with it...lights up when you squeeze it...😍

I used to love this show! I miss the old Disney Channel.

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