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I'm so excited, I found out today, Boy Meets World is coming back as Girl Meets World!! Topanga's a mom:)

funny memes ahh topanga -

in excitement for the new show Girl Meets World

Girl meets world soon!

and whats funny is every guy on this show has dressed like a girl at some point...

boy meets world = girl meets world

First photos from Girl Meets World...Please Disney, don't let this suck. Don't turn it into the type of show you have out today. just this one thing, For me? (Boy Meets World Sequel)

Boy Meets World... Repinning my own stuff. I can't believe they are making Girl Meets World! Sooooo excited!!! :)

New “Girl Meets World” Poster April 24, 2014...Yess I love this idea. I love boys meets world I can't wait to see how they continue

New “Girl Meets World” Poster April 24, 2014

Boy meets world love it!!!

Twitter / Search - #boymeetsworld

Boy Meets World Reunion. I'm so excited for Girl Meets World!!

LOVE this show. I'm 24 and I literally can't wait for the premier of Girl Meets World on Disney lol

It’s like we have one brain…

The Latest Girl Meets World Photo is Amazing | Oh My Disney

This is probably the best thing I've ever seen.

AAHH! The only reunion pic I've been waiting to see (Boy Meets World) - Imgur

I think this was my favorite boy meets world moment...until Plays With Squirrels

Best Insults from 90s Kids TV Shows // Flavorwire :) - Topanga was only supposed to be a guest star on the show for one or two episodes... but they liked her so much that they kept her on! Amazing!

Haha I love Boy Meets World, and Eric was the best!

Boy Meets World on the Birds and the Bees