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  • 62 Pins

30 day challenge - integrated with Brazil butt lift & Insanity

I do these stretches everyday! they are really easy and im already closer to doing a split!

30 day squat challenge. a pinner says: "I'm only on day three and I think my butt is falling off."

Do I dare?

Burning 1 000, Burning 1000, Burn Calories, Burning Calories, Work Outs, 1 000 Calories, 1000 Calories, Home Workout, 1000Calories

Hold each pose for 30 seconds. You'll feel great when its all done! AND it should take about 14 minutes, and you can do it at home. yoga

Pulling Straps..21mins to a stronger back

Fastest way to lose 20 pounds, according to Women's Health... Do workout 2-3 times a week, doing 2 sets of each exercise with 12-15 reps per set (Note: 30 sec. plank)

To Love Thy Arms

My buns hurt just reading this! Brazilian Butt Workout [9 awesome workouts - do whole thing 3 times]

NO EXCUSE! 50 Body Weight exercises to do anywhere - no gym required.

Butt lifting exercise

10 Week Workout Plan

3 month workout

CrossFit-style Beginner Workouts you can do at home - I checked out the workout. There is nothing "beginner" to it at all. This is a very intense body weight exercise routine. This is gonna burn no matter how experienced you are.

6 Crossfit workouts to do at home.

8 stretches to do the splits-goal by end of year.

These are NO JOKE.. My trainer sculpted my arms doing these here! Spider-Man Press-Up. Targets: Chest, Triceps, Abs, Obliques, Butt, Hips. Start in Push-up position, bring knee out to side to elbow, press up and return to start. Do 8 reps. Switch sides and repeat. Do 2 sets.

Plump Glutes Circuit

1000 calorie workout

Nice little blog for fitness motivation #Examples_of_Fitness_Dedication


Work out 2

Tone It Up - Lean Arms Pyramid