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  • 75 Pins

Sweet little one

Play with me?

:D survivor piggy

kitty + turtle

love by EasyRider0050 on deviantART


21 Animals Who Will Definitely Not Stay Up Until Midnight


When I leave my cat alone…

little dog


Understand guinea pig sounds

Guinea Pig Sounds and What they Mean

Piggy wears a flower

人人网 中国领先的实名制SNS社交网络。加入人人网,找到老同学,结识新朋友。

Black cat: relax my darling!!!! White cat: I love you sweets!!!

Romantic cats -PositiveMed | Where Positive Thinking Impacts Life

Hug please cute-scottish-fold-kitten-4_large.jpg (480×360)

Shopping cat

お前んちのぬこさんの画像くれよwwwwwww : アルファルファモザイク

What every owner needs.


Animal Shelter Encourages Kids To Read To Homeless Cats

Animal Shelter Encourages Kids To Read To Homeless Cats

I found my mittens

WeekEnd Cat Lol's (21 Pics)

During the cold winters, the Alaskan Wood Frog becomes a frog-shaped block of ice. It stops breathing, and its heart stops beating. When Spring arrives the frog thaws and returns to normal going along its merry way. by sci-news #Frog #Cryoprotection

Happy !

Spirou bobine ...

Love the snow

05.11.2013 I get along without you very well Of course, I do Except when soft rains fall And drip from leaves Then I recall The thrill of being sheltered in your arms Of course, I do But I get along without you very well