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I bet you could actually grow plants that would look like this art piece. I'm pretty sure your toes are also green. Me? I'm pretty sure I could kill a plastic plant.

concrete stepping stones mimic the look of vintage pillows.

  • Barbe SaintJohn

    want!!! too bad the website doesn't seem to be updated. I wonder if they still make them....

  • Vintage Tikitacky

    I suppose if you found some old pillows of the right shape you could use a lightweight latex to make a mold (or some other method that wouldn't weigh down the surface and cause it to loose the 'pillow' look) and make them ourselves. Dying concrete is easy enough. It's the pillow molding that will be a challenge....

  • Vintage Tikitacky

    @Barbe SaintJohn: I found them. They're made by Tuffits and they're still available to buy. YEAH!

  • Janice Prindle Park

    I wish they sold the molds for these.

Water in the cup..seeds on the saucer.

There was no description on this. I just thought it was fabulous! "whimsical"

.. globes with candles held by white stocking and hanging from the trees.

Creeping Jenny or Moneywort, Lysimachia nummularia. Creeping Jenny enjoys very moist soil or water up to one-inch deep, making it an excellent choice for use as a marginal plant in your water garden. Growing approximately two inches in height, Creeping Jenny is a great filler to soften edges of rocks, its cheerful, bright leaves creating a vivid contrast against the cool grays of wet stone. Tiny, delightful yellow flowers appear throughout the summer, providing added beauty and interest.

Don't know if this is the original configuration but I want it!

  • Vintage Tikitacky

    "seahorse armillary sphere on concrete baluster base". So yep, I guess that's a real sundial and I think we'd have to wrestle for it. Even though you found it first. (I think I'd sit it on something else...)

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