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Vintage Hearse & Ambulance

Pontiac Chieftain Eight with a Marilyn. Why is it here? Because I have this car in hearse form!

Putting a new motor in our hearse. Come along for the ride: Carpe Mortem - The Resurrection of a 1951 Hearse on Tumblr.

Ajax in front our our 1951 Pontiac hearse. He is actually quite chubby and has gigantic bat ears. He's doing a bang-up job appearing as a ghetto pit - all lean and crop eared. So far from the truth... (Carpe Mortem - The Resurrection of a 1951 Hearse)

Please come follow our blog. From the first steps to final restoration: Carpe Mortem - The Resurrection of a 1951 Hearse. We just started it and it will be nice to share the journey with friends and like-minded hearse enthusiasts. Click the hood ornament!

  • Toula Karayannis

    I can't say I've been a great enthusiast of hearses but I think you just may be the gal to change my mind :) Thanks for sharing the journey.

  • Vintage Tikitacky

    Yaaaaaay!!!!! Thank you so much for joining me and watching it unfold. I had two hearses, but I sold one. Every day I wish I hadn't. We had hearses when I was a little girl. I had no idea that it was weird. We also lived in a gigantic old Greek revival mansion. This would explain why everyone said we were the Addams family. My stepfather was a competition canoeist he would tie two canoes to the top and travel to races in one of those two cars. We also went camping in them. I had no idea that was weird. LOL! I really loved those giant old cars and so always had a soft spot for hearses, ambulances, and panel wagons. I am super happy to have you on board! :-D

1951 Ford DeLuxe Siebert ambulance for sale on Hemmings right now. How much? 24,900 buckaroos.

Ford Deluxe for Sale | Hemmings Motor News

Carpe Mortem - The Resurrection of a 1951 Hearse. If you want to watch my hearse as it journeys back to life, you can follow this blog. Here's the 351 Windsor we bought to replace the straight 8 currently in it. Not enough HP in the original motor. I want to be able to haul a vintage trailer and to drive the hearse on the highway.

New (old) motor for my hearse. Taking out the 1951 straight 8 3-on-the-tree and replacing it with a 1979 351 Windsor. The old engine had lots of torque, but not a lot umph. My goal is to tow a vintage trailer behind the hearse. And I wanted it to be an automatic because, well, I'm a pussy and it's my car. Haha! Honey unloading it from the truck. YEAH!

1959 Cadillac hearse by Superior Coach Company

  • heath jewell

    want one from've inspired me to search for

  • Vintage Tikitacky

    Best of luck in your search! May you find someone as foolish as me to sell you one! Hahaha! (I still have my '51, but stupidly sold my '65 to a "friend" who turned around and sold it on eBay.) Let me know if you find one!

  • Cool Cookie

    Take at the Cleveland Art Museum

Not a hearse or ambulance, but it is still an awesome commercial vehicle that would have been customized by a coach company. 1949 bookmobile. How fantastic that someone found this and restored it.