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The Pimp Collection from JC Penney, 1973

iPhone charger that turns your phone into a real old style phone with a handset and everything. I would buy this so fast if it was in the style of a 60s princess phone. Honestly, I'd take it anyway just like it is because I want to talk on a handset while twirling the cord around my finger...

Steve Buscemi ring. Where has this bit of amazingness been all my life?

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A pretty awesome idea from a company called BarkBox. Subscribe for their monthly service and your pup gets a box of fun every month! A portion of the proceeds go to helping dogs in need. Love it!

Samsonite suitcase with built in scooter? YES! Zoom to your gate in style. The scooter folds up flat and the bag conforms to overhead bin specs. Currently only in the UK, but I'm sure it will make it across the puddle soon...

I wish to have this. Why don't stores still have these? They were a PENNY when I was a kid. Then they were a dime. Sigh. I would ride it again right now....

  • Chive

    There are still lots of them in regional Australia (we saw an Elephant this week which looked to be in original 1970s condition, it was $1 a ride).

  • anastasia beaverhausen

    We have a horse named Sandy at our local grocery store in Illinois still for 1 penny

Giant ball point? Yes, why not. Judging by the photos in front of her, she is a beauty queen. Miss America?

  • Toula Karayannis

    Maybe not Miss America...more like Miss Guided. How does she put that pen in her pocket?

  • Barbara Romiti

    Judging by the looks of some of those men, they look like they might be more interested in each other! Phallic much?

Jem magazine (1961) kindly provides a Bloody Mary recipe for your enjoyment.

  • Martha Stroud-Merry

    Do you follow Finkiyaya? She posts all manner of weird shit that I LOVE. Look her up and follow!

Plastic. SO exciting. For a while there they were making anything and everything out of this amazing new Lucite plastic. Why not a row boat? That wouldn't be hard to keep shiny or anything.

Adam Wallacavage. This is just the kind of thing I'd put in my kids room and warp the poor thing for life.

soyons-suave: Xmas

Today we have a special entry that makes into both the 'awesome products' category AND the "WTF category". Here we have the faux newspaper scarf for protecting your hair when it starts raining! Yep, you can LOOK like you're covering your head with a piece of newspaper that was blowing down the street, but really, you've paid for this fabulous faux newspaper scarf that will not disintegrate and cross the line between ghetto hip and actually being ghetto. It's a win!

Kitschy Kitschy Coo

So ahead of it's time: A vertical car park. Too bad they didn't catch on. This is the parking for an apartment building. Push the button for your space and it would rotate around. Drive your car on, and take yourself off. Look at the size of that counterweight.

  • Mary Hodges-Cates

    This is still being used today. The show something similar on the new mission impossible.

  • Vintage Tikitacky

    Yes. The idea exists. There are car dealerships that use them to store cars too. It is just unfortunate that they aren't commonplace. It'd be nice not to drive around for an hour looking for street parking! :-)

  • Judy Proffitt

    Parked my car in one near my office in D.C. back in the 70s -- genius, I thought, because parking was SOOOOO hard to find downtown.

  • prettyshake

    There's a lovely one in Kyoto. Love watching the cars being loaded and disgorged with perfect Japanese efficiency

What happened to these girlie statues? I would do an awful lot of questionable things to get ahold of one.

Don't think I wouldn't put this in my house.

I say: Just take my damn money and give me that spaceship!!!