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Trends in Tile 2013

What's trending in tile today. As presented at Coverings 2013, by Tile of Spain Consultant Ryan Fasan (@Tile_Trends).

Vintage looks in FS by Peronda #tile

Tile of Spain Inspiration Gallery Photos |

"Well loved" trend looks from Vives in the Faro series.

Textures in Spanish tile: no longer are tiles just flat on the wall or floor. They have depth and movement to them. #tile #design

The worn and "well loved" look -- including the look of reclaimed wood -- is trending in #tile.

Metallic tones and highlights make an impact in tile designs. #tile

Technology in Tile: the integration of photo luminescence and home automation into tile, touch sensitive glazes, nano technology that makes tile warm to the touch, and tiles that clean the air with biomimetics. #tile

Tile's relationship to trends is a function of its lifespan. #tile