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Making Good People Helpless Won't Make Bad People Harmless

Hot Dogs & Guns: Making Good People Helpless

Amen, to that! Political correctness has replaced common sense and truth!

I believe in doing good because good needs to be done. I believe in being kind, because this world needs kindness. I don't do these things for the promise of heaven or hell. I do them because they are the right things to do.

...and the Constitution

Our Founding Fathers understood tyranny - I'm afraid we have forgotten

politics Illegal is Illegal



You heard the baby!!!

Look out for many distractions during Trey's Benghazi Hearings which start 9/11

'Patriot'... Yes I Am... And Proud of It‼

Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

❥ People are being arrested and prosecuted by the government for owning, milking, and drinking from their own cows. TOTALLY IGNORANT, but Americans turn their heads, blinded by ObamaWorship.

Joshua L. Schmidt (joshls78) on Twitter

Sometimes it's easy to forget how we got here. Lest we forget.

.Point out that islam is a barbaric evil cult....

Twitter / Search - #MuslimBrotherhood

What a precious beautiful child. NOTE: Now even toddlers have to wear Burkas so they will not tempt the men, who have zero self control, sexually! Seriously! What an evil World we live in!

Hey Race Baiter! People can be good or bad-people of any color creed race gender and mind-so stop the hating! We are not responsible for what people did before us so stop trying to use that as political bs. They are trying to turn all people against another group of people. Don't let them. We are all One.

Gun control doesn't create safety, it creates victims. Don't be a victim. Support the 2nd amendment.

PRESIDENT George Washington

Very True