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November 1870, The Milliner and Dressmaker


Caroline Reboux velvet hat, trimmed with silk moiré ribbons and feathers, c.1870-80. Label: "Caroline Reboux/23 Rue de la paix."

1870s extant French bodice off ebay. This is what I love on bodices, lots of details; tiny pleats everywhere.

1870s extant French bodice off ebay. Detail of cuff- ruffles and tiny pleats, and piping too.

1870s extant French bodice off ebay. Look how low the bow is on the Basque bodice, right at the lower end. More beautiful tiny pleats and piping w/ a contrasting blue color. And the peplum looks like two large petals.

1870s extant French bodice off ebay. Basque bodice rides low over hips, bow at bottom instead of at waist.

1875 ladies hats and trims

Toilette by Jules James Rougeron, 1877

1875 hats and hairstyles

1874 Madame Demorast pattern - polonaise

1875 September. The Englishwomen's Domestic magazine. Great way to tie the overskirt and skirt together w/ the stripes, and the black on the skirt, bodice and cuffs tie it all to the solid bodice fabric.

1879 extant visiting dress -looks like Princess seams, very pretty floral fabric on the collar, belt, and down front of dress

1879 extant visiting dress-love this collar treatment & the beautiful fabric it was made from. Interesting dress fabric too.

1878 Harpers Bazar Sept catalog- what's going on under there.

1877 Journal des Demoiselles fashion print- hats slightly tilted back, bows and flowers for trim, cute ruffles on edges, some tied under chin.

1876 Godey's Ladies Book fashion print- vest-style bodice on the blue one w/ contrasting sleeves but matching the skirt.

1875 fashion print- there's that vest-like style with contrasting sleeves; very pretty on the blue plaid

1874 extant gown, off shoulder w/ ruffles, and ruffles on overskirt and around hem

1872 extant gown from the MET. sheer floral fabric with overskirt from bodice with slight bustling in back, wide pagoda sleeves, tiers on skirt

1870s extant gown sleeve details from Vintage Martini- folded back cuff of skirt material, angled band of bodice fabric w/ covered buttons & little tabs, narrow pleats at bottom. All edges of bodice have piping.