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We are a group of Christian women who are not only dedicated to bringing you beautiful pins, we hope to inspire you in your walk with the Lord!

#EstherBibleStudy Week 8 Memory Verse: Psalms 97:10 "Let those who love the Lord hate evil, for he guards the lives of his faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked."

Kristen Anderson thought she had the picture-perfect life until strokes of gray dimmed her outlook: three friends and her grandmother died within two years. Still reeling from these losses, she was raped by a friend she thought she could trust. She soon spiraled into a seemingly bottomless depression.

"To my children.....I know this past year has been hard for you. I’m so sorry that you had to learn the word Cancer and how it changes lives." ~Adina Bailey {Read full article at}

I can't tell you that your problems will be gone tomorrow morning, next week, or even next year, but I can tell you that God is right in the middle of it all.

It's easy to become withdrawn in friendships or our marriages when it feels like we are the only ones pulling the weight, doing the work. . . investing. But friends, God’s kingdom requires something different from us, and provides something different in us: Merciful Grace. Come share and soak up the kindness God is growing in your own heart that can transcend our emotions sustain our relationships in nothing less than miraculous ways.

Would you like to learn how to make dishes with Quinoa, Brown Rice, Wheatberry, and other whole grains?? It is surprisingly easy with the right technique and I am sharing a fantastic class with you that is completely FREE!!

Craving more happy family time connecting together without digital media? Turning on our devices and giving in to the convenience of sitting in front of screens has become the default of many families today. If you’re craving more balance, don’t miss this awesome post from author Arlene Pellicane at The Better Mom!

Suzanne has just released a brand-new book for soon-to-be first-time parents titled "Expectant Parents: Preparing Together for the Journey of Parenthood." It’s a book I wish had been around when we prepared to welcome our first daughter into the world.

I can't tell you that your problems will be gone tomorrow morning, next week, or even next year, but I can tell you that God is right in the middle of it all.

So many times as a parent we focus on all the things we don’t get right . . . or things we think we could do better. You are a good parent in many ways you don't realize. Take time to think over the "good" things you do ... AND here are a few more things to try!

8 Fall recipes you must try: butternut squash soup, roast acorn squash soup, carmel apple cheesecake, pumpkin whoopie pies, homemade chai, quinoa, farro, and roast veggie salad!

Sometimes the simple act of reading one Scripture verse at a given point can make all the difference in the world. Has that ever happened to you?

Joy from Grace: 2 Women's Conferences you MUST get to next year!

Deliberate Women: Sometimes we lose the flame for ministry.

Plain Faith: A True Story of Tragedy, Loss and Leaving the Amish by Ora-Jay and Irene Eash with Tricia Goyer // I've been over Amish fiction for awhile now. But this isn't Amish fiction. It's a true story about an Amish family who is ROCKED by the death of their daughters in a tragic accident. And then, the family's slow move to leaving the Amish and finding Jesus. I read it in less than 24 hours. It's the *real* Amish story you want to read! LOVED.

"Don’t let fear squeeze the life out of you. Walk in the freedom of His Word. He will NOT leave you…..He will NOT forsake you." ~Katina Miller {Read full article at}

Use magazine files to organize cookbooks - they'll look uniform and neat in the kitchen!

It's so much easier to talk about love, teach about love, blog about love than to actually love another person. We’re looking at the way Jesus showed us how to love today so we can model his heart to our children...

Ever feel plagued thank-you notes or (ahem) the lack of thank-you notes you’ve been writing? We’ve got you covered today with 9 Ways to Remember to Give Thanks to the people you love, no matter the form.

"While authority & submission is to exist in the home, our relationships should be bathed in love so that they melt together with mutual love and respect."