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We are a group of Christian women who are not only dedicated to bringing you beautiful pins, we hope to inspire you in your walk with the Lord!

Author Tricia Goyer shares a few secrets to surviving parenting a strong-willed child.

GREAT article! How do purposeful parents “give” their kids the Word of God? How do we teach our children not only to have a general respect for the Word but teach them to love what it says? Give Your Kids the Weapon They Need for the Battles They Will Face

Pumpkin Pie Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

While we have individual dreams and goals, couples should also have a mission and purpose for their marriage. For some couples it may be to minister in their local church, or open their home to needy children. Still others may be called to short-term mission trips. No matter what it is, the world will benefit greatly … … Continue reading →

"Lord, I pray for every sister who has been given the diagnosis of Infertility. I pray that You would encourage their hearts today and let them know that You have not forgotten about them and that You see the visible tears…and the silent tears. Help them to know that Your ways are not our ways and that Your thoughts are not our thoughts." ~Shon Murray {Read full article at}

Ready to have "the talk" with your kids? We're sharing practical wisdom to equip you for an ongoing conversation and to arm your family with tools to engage their hearts and our culture.

Do you ever find yourself occupied with tasks instead of wonder? Our kids can offer wonderful reminders of how to live in the glory of each day’s small moments. Let’s embrace Fall- because the work can wait, but the memories always can’t.

Here are 4 foundational things to pray for children daily. Just think of the song “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!” An easy way to inspire your prayer life today!

As a young mom I made many decisions concerning my parenting, and the truth was deep down these decisions were not Christ-motivated. Are you trying to seek from your parenting what God has already provided through His grace? The right approval comes from God.