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I can't wait to repaint the one I bought and put it in my new house when I move!

Why are all corner cupboards not done like this?!?

Don't fret, gentle beast. It's Christmas, time for cheer.

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  • Ana Rivas

    What ever makes you sleep at night, Rachel....

  • Victoria Quade

    I once heard it that prayer is talking to god and meditation is listening to him/her/the universe/whatever you call your higher power. Either way,I like it!

  • Bonnie Joseph

    Rachel, Victoria, when you are ready to believe and find out how to get to Heaven, let a nearby Christian know. They'll hook you up. See you when we meet upi in the clouds! :)

  • Tatiana

    heaven/god .. it's a fairy story

  • LadyDusk

    ...has never happened to me and probably isn't real

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