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Towel off and try some tabata at the beach! Eight rounds, and you'll be good and sweaty.

3 HIIT Workouts to Take to the Beach - Life by DailyBurn

Crunch-less Guide to Sexy Flat Abs | Down for the Count: Lie on left side with legs stacked, left arm extended, head resting on arm and right palm on floor in front of you for balance. Keep legs pressed together as you raise them toward ceiling (as shown). Hold for 1 count; lower. Continue for 30 seconds. Switch sides; repeat.

Your Crunch-less Guide to Sexy Flat Abs - SELF

Do this for abs!

Daily motivation (25 photos)

Get down on the ground for this toning arm exercise, the diamond-leg pushup.

Get Fit in 5 Minutes: Rockstar Arms Workout

Crossfit Ab Workout - Eat:Watch:Run

Crossfit Ab Workout - Eat:Watch:Run

Don't let the sweet name fool you, this move works the abs quite thoroughly. Lie on your back with your knees open and the soles of your feet together (in a butterfly position). Lengthen your arms overhead so they are resting on the floor. Exhale and bring your hands and knees toward each other performing a full-body crunch. Your shoulder blades should be off the mat as your perform a small reverse crunch lifting your pelvis a bit off the mat. Hold this position for a moment and really ...

Circuit Three: Butterfly Crunch

Nina.B.Roze Heart Butt LeggingPurple by NinaBRoze -- I wouldn't spend this much on leggings but they're cute.

21 Minutes to a Beautiful Back

21 Minutes to a Beautiful Back

The Reason You're Taking in Too Many Calories | Women's Health Magazine

The Habit That’s Costing You THOUSANDS of Calories

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Tight Ass Workout 30 Squats 30 Walking Lunges 20 Jump Squats 50 Bridges Repeat 3 Times

9 Pilates Moves That Burn Major Calories

Landlocked? Try Surfset Fitness: a class that places a surfboard on top of inflatable stability disks.

4 Workouts to Get You in Surfing Shape - Life by DailyBurn

Surfing involves movement in multiple dimensions, and the WaveShape online 45-minute high-intensity workout will get you wave-ready in no time!

4 Workouts to Get You in Surfing Shape - Life by DailyBurn

4 Workouts to Get You in Surfing Shape - Life by DailyBurn

In Chicago This Weekend? There’s Still One More Day to Sign Up for Energizer’s Charity 5K! | An inspiring night-time race you'll definitely want to get in on. #SELFmagazine

For people who struggle to lose weight, it can be a long, drawn-out process. Here are a few tips that help you through the process.

12 Tips To Help Shed Pounds

Yoga Poses to Get Rid of Back Fat -- Click through for 12 different poses.

Back-Bulge-Fighting Yoga Poses

Clean eating

550 Rep Fat Massacre I think I'm actually going to do this :) No equipment needed.

550 Rep Fat Massacre

Tight Hips? Sore Back? Four INCREDIBLE Poses That Offer Instant Relief: Try Double Pigeon. #SELFmagazine

TRX Total Body Workout « Jenn-Fit Blog – Healthy Exercise | Healthy Food | Healthy Living

TRX Total Body Workout