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Travel as much as you can...

We travel, some of us forvever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls. #quote

"I love to walk a city, whether I've been there once or a hundred times before. It's amazing what sort of inspiration you'll find when you steal a second glance" - Erin Hiemstra

"I think you're foolish if you spend your life in one place. The world is gigantic; It's a waste if you don't try and see it."

"Please understand, I have been waiting to leave ever since I figured out there were roads willing to take me anywhere I wanted to go."

Go outside and do something you will remember

Pack a ton of clothes in a carry-on bag...all you do it roll your clothes! How to: Pack a Suitcase

How to Pack a Suitcase Like a Flight Attendant...this is what my little bag looks like:) always ready!

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