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72 Pins

ORACLE - Mystifying Playing cards. Talking boards, spirit photography, seances, ectoplasm, and levitating tables—the spiritualist movement has a rich history. I want to capture some of that history in a deck of USPCC playing cards.

Oracle - Mystifying Playing Cards

True Ghost Horror Stories | Curiosities: Real Life True Scary Ghost Pictures

Curiosities: Real Life True Scary Ghost Pictures

Vintage Oracle Planchettes

Poland,Mystical Castle, Lower Silesia, Poland

Rustic Old houses - call me weird, but its my dream to buy an old pre-Civil War era farm house, that pretty much looks as old and run down as the one in this picture, and restore it to its original condition.

Love old houses




Nature overtakes a crypt

the faces coming out the wall is creepy!

Still gives me chills.

Dark gothic style: skulls, witches, tattoos, magic, vamp.

Spooky, but I but it was beautiful at one time!


some dolls are just plain creepy

unknown artist but pretty creepy cool!

This is a horrid picture, but it's a good shot of his eyes.


spooky house

The Doll, 1934. Photo by Hans Bellmer