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29 Puppies That Are Totally Pooped Out

29 Puppies Who Are Totally Pooped Out

3 generations of a Goldens. Awww!

Looks like Tyler - he loved the snow too!

Ollie King of the Snow Mountain

Golden Retriever Birthday Square Stickers

Golden Retriever Birthday

Oh my goodness

Bloodhound- My next puppy

Man's best friends ride sidecar

Dalmatian. I miss my dog :(

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This Golden Retriever's name is Ray Charles. He is blind puppy who was not wanted by his previous owner and is now in the care of a loving new owner. When he follows his owner, he knows his scent and follows that. He is so cute! Wait until you see him in pajamas :)

Never too many Golden Retriever puppy videos - always room for one more Golden! ;Always happy and lovable are words that describe the Golden Retriever best. You will laugh out loud at "Wipe Out!" It has over 1,000,000 views! Please share your love for Golden Retrievers and Tweet

Bernese Mountain Dog - yes it's cute and yes it's fluffy. But it will grow up to be a very large (and lovable) dog. Do your research and know what you are getting! For the record, a Berner will melt your heart every time he looks at you, no matter how old he is.