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Antique Bronze Pocket Watch - 1882's Steampunk Mechanical Pocket Watch with Pocket Watch Chain ( etsy :: )

The Girl With Emerald Eyes by Brooke Gillette ~There are very few people that I have ever felt I did not need to wear a mask of some sort around.

Victorian glamour and elegance, with a hint of genius and ingenuity.  She was a child of the industrial revolution - the kind of woman that was sure to make history.   Velvet Steampunk Hat in black with tulle and feather trim. Chain detail with faux timepiece and key. Interior comb and elastic band to secure.

"Pardon, Madame. Might I trouble you for the time?"   As she turned to face this voice behind her, she was taken aback.   'The time? You can trouble me for much more than the time", she thought to herself and smiled.   Steampunk Pocket Watch. The perfect accessory for costume or steampunk ensembles. After all, you never know who might be inquiring.

She was not your average lady. She was an inventor. She was a traveler. She was a woman with many talents, and many admirers.   Steampunk Top Hat with Buckle. Expect the unexpected.

Black Magic or Town and Country with attitude? It's up to you. Add a pair of stretch satin gloves and a petticoat for pure magic or  a riding crop for a sexy spin on Town and Country. Pop-up hat flattens to 2" so you can put it in a purse or suitcase and pop-it up with a flick of your wrist or a tap of your magic wand.   Opening is  7” x 8” &  5.5” deep.  The brim is 12” x 11”   Make it your own by adding a black bridal veil or Russian Veil and a flower, shown both ways here.  Sold separately.

The lamplight guttered in the damp alleyway, but still she followed its weak beam.   At the last possible moment, she checked the address that'd been delivered to her by a courier this morning. It was at the end of this alley, and she steeled herself, wondering what she'd find. She picked her way over puddles and cobblestones, and tried not to jump when he whispered in her ear.   "Dressed perfectly, love."   She turned to face him and ran her tongue over her lips. "I always do."   Victorian B…

Her steps echoed softly as she passed through the dark alleyway. The bricks and stones beneath her were barely visible from the dim glow of her lantern. She walked with a confidence that he could not resist - most women wouldn't dare tread this way in the darkness of the night. But then again, she was not most women.   Faux leather Victorian Lace Up Boots have a 4" heel, lace-up front and eyelet detail.   Please note: Clearance items are final sale.

Ava Trench Coat - #189 Antique Brown [002287]

Anguistralobe Pendant

Carry around your cash and cards in Steampunk style.

Fob watch looks great in a clockwork century