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The 10 Healthiest Superfoods (Sorry, Kale!)

The 10 Healthiest Superfoods (Sorry, Kale!)

How To Make It Really Easy To Eat Healthy

8-Layer Healthy California Nachos

Beet kvass is, not surprisingly, loaded with health benefits. It detoxes the liver and alkalizes the blood (acidic blood is more susceptible to viruses, bacteria, and inflammation). It's full of B vitamins, as well as minerals such as potassium and magnesium. A good way to start the day and get your digestive system moving in the morning is with just 4 ounces of beet kvass! Ingredients: 2 large beets or several small beets carrots (optional) 1 TBS. salt 4 TBS. whey filtered water

DIY Raw Apple Cider Vinegar- how to make your own raw apple cider vinegar. ACV is great for astringent, getting rid of warts, and blood sugar stabilizer. This is one of 3 different ways I have seen to make it. This is the best combination of cheap and easy that I've found.

Made this Vegan Mayo today and it is so good! Also it's only 20 cals per Tbsp. I used apple cider vinegar instead of vinegar and arrowroot flower instead of cornstarch. Incredibly easy and much cheaper than store bought vegan options.

Homemade Fruit Smoothie Pops These frozen fruit popsicles are delicious, easy to make and a perfect treat when you need a sweet bite.  I like using frozen berries and milk but you can also use fresh fruit and juice too.  Ingredients: 2 cups frozen fruit, 1 banana (frozen), 1 cup of milk or juice, Small paper drinking cups

How To Make Canned Green Tomatoes – For Fried Green Tomatoes » The Homestead Survival

Stacked Watermelon Salad by fifteenspatulas: Watermelon is wonderful when enjoyed in a savory way. Here you take a big block of watermelon, spread the top with some goat cheese, add some pistachios for crunch, some thinly shaved red onion on top, and dip it in a little bit of a balsamic reduction. It’s on the lighter side, but it’s still delicious, fills you up without filling you out, and the presentation is a total knockout! #Salad #Stack #Watermelon

Omgeeee! Crisp Cucumber Salsa... I've been looking for more ways to eat cucumbers this summer!

It's National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Celebrate with Apple a Day's BEST-EVER Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies.