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I want to be a comfort to my friends in tragedy. And I want to be able to celebrate with them in triumph. And for all the times in between, I just want to be able to look them in the eye. - Josh Lyman (The West Wing)

Wireless speakers that screw into any light socket and streams your iPod/Pad/Phone. And its also a lightbulb!

Create words with brass push pins in a foam board and frame. Quick, original, affordable art.

"I'm Saying This Is The South. And We're Proud Of Our Crazy People. We Don't Hide Them Up In The Attic. We Bring 'Em Right Down To The Living Room And Show 'Em Off. See, Phyllis, No One In The South Ever Asks If You Have Crazy People In Your Family. They Just Ask What Side They're On."~Julia Sugarbaker ♥