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Meditation & Inspiration

14 Tips on Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home

Shinzen Young has compared mindfulness to fitness training. Just as fitness exercise increases your baseline strength, endurance, and flexibility, becoming mindful can increase your mental clarity and emotional self control. This clarity of awareness, once found, will continue with you throughout the day, long after you have completed your meditation session.

What Is Scientific Prayer?

I Am Really in Truth... by Emmet Fox

Diamond sutra is a short Mahayana sutra of the Perfection of Wisdom (prajna-paramita) genre. The diamond sutra teaches the practice staying in the middle path and avoidance of abiding in extremes of mental attachment. Mind always moves to the extreme of any thing. Abiding in the middle means living in this present moment and the self is revealed in the practice of middle.

Never ask the Lord to lighten your load....He gives his biggest battles to the strongest warriors!