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one of the most poignant books i have read and so tragic in a way that makes one feel numb...wonderful work of art by russian writer leo tolstoy...his writing style is just awesome...the protagnist anna just takes you through myriad emotions and finally succumbs to the paranoia being unable to confirm to the social norms...a great read!

its a nice work....something i feel like going through when i fee l low and want that extra push from fear and expectations...but what surprises me is worry is the same for everyone and so are the solutions for it..

now wat i really like about the book is that it leads to endless amount of views and discussions till today...its apretty much engaging plot and has got everybody's fantasy..MR.DARCY!i really like the way darcy proposes to lizzy...simply beautiful and great choice of words:):)

its such an inspiring book...the book is anatagonistic to says that an individual rises above all...and to be to true to ur creative vision which is the real strength of character...its so intense with passion and great writing...a must read!

the one book i loved reading the most is GONE WITH THE WIND for its passion ,heroism,impulsiveness and the rough spiritedness for survival..the author margret mitchell just wrote one book during her lifetime and left a legacy for ages to come!