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From our consultant Guide Book: "Pinterest is designed to help you share the things that you love. If there is a photo or project you’re proud of, pin away! However, Pinterest is a tool that should be used for inspiration, not for self- promotion. Promoting yourself and your Thirty-One business on Pinterest is not allowed by us or by Pinterest’s terms of use." Please do not copy my pins and link your consultant website to them. Thanks!! :)

Accessories that coordinate and complement perfectly! #ClippedOnIssuu from Thirty One Gifts - Fall Catalog 2014

Thirty One Gifts - Fall Catalog 2014 #ClippedOnIssuu

#ClippedOnIssuu from Thirty-One Catalog Fall 2014

Thirty-One Catalog Fall 2014 #ClippedOnIssuu

Thirty-One Catalog Fall 2014

Thirty-One Catalog Fall 2014 #ClippedOnIssuu

Another use for on a stroll bag- walker bag

Looking to swap some Disney pins? Show them off on a Retro Metro Tote embroidered with "Wanna trade?" What a great idea, beats carrying them on a lanyard.

Tidy up the kids’ rooms in a snap! Snap three Oh Snap Bins together and fill with toys, letter blocks, stuffed animals and more.

Oh-Snap Bin in Sea Stripe | Thirty-One Gifts

Keep me on file Fall 2014

Stay warm and dry at the game with the About Town Blanket. Great for picnics and tailgating too!

the new All Day Organizing Tote vs the Organizing Utility Tote Thirty One Fall 2014

Lunch Break thermal available in August 2014 for Hostesses! Two new prints!!