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White Hummingbird

Beautiful Lippizan horse

Booted Racket-tail

Matschie's tree kangaroo in the tropical forest of the newly created YUS Conservation Area of Papua New Guinea

kuda giri - maldives-3 by Christian Loader.

As a general rule I hate monkeys, cause, you know, Ebola and all, but this is a neat photo of a cute one. I'm sure he's still riddled with nasty critters though.

❦ Cockatoo Pair - Gorgeous Colors

Harlequin schrimp bali

Pemuteran, North bali

What kind of dog is this because I want one. It doesn't say in the link. That, or I didn't look hard enough for it.

Axolotl (Mexican salamander) so cool

Baby yawning sloth - precious!


aggiana bird of paradise, by Al Dayan.

Charging bear Charles Glatzer