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The Dot Song. This animation brings to life the collaboration between singer-songwriter Emily Dale and Peter H. Reynolds, author and illustrator of The Dot. #DotDay

Dot Day Crafts | September 15th Celebrate Dot Day 2014! | #DotDay

Based on Kandinsky Circles. Might be a fun classroom project. Teacher cuts out (or paints!) tree. Students create the circles or "DOTS" for the branches. Perfect combination of Art History and Art Celebration for Dot Day! #DotDay #Art

Join the Celebration for International #DotDay 2014. Encourage children to find their creativity this september 15th, and make their mark!

#FableVisionLearning | The Dot Song Lyric Sheet | Help your students follow along this #DotDay with the lyric sheet and music video for #TheDotSong. Visit our Blog to view the newly animated Bouncing Dot Dot Song!

Adventures of an Art Teacher: #DotDay Mobile Each student in the school made a dot, which was glued to another with yarn between to form a collaborative art mobile.

#DotDay student crafts. Encourage students to make their mark this September 15th!

Join in the celebration this September 15th with International Dot Day 2014. #DotDay

International Dot Day 2014. Join in the celebration this September 15th for #DotDay. Encourage educators, students and celebrities alike to make their mark, and see where it takes them!

Our art dept. is hard at work Creating Some imaginative decor for dot day! Seaux exciting!! #dotday2014

Suzy Brooks' class made their mark on CD labels for Dot Day. The class listened and watched Peter H. Reynolds using the Interactive Version of The Dot while painting their own dots. #DotDay #Creative #Crafts

International Dot Day in Colette Taillon's room at Hammond Westside Montessori

International Dot Day! My afternoon classes are 4th, 3rd, 5th. I pushed the tables together and rolled out 3 long white papers- approximately 12'x18" each. We read "The Dot" and talked about the meaning of the story. 4th graders painted large and small colorful dots. 3rd graders filled in the negative space. 5th graders added details. Students LOVED it and did a great job working together. Finished pieces will be hung in the school library and cafeteria.

Dot Day is fast approaching! Pick up theses essentials for creative, courageous, celebration!

The Busy Librarian's guide to International Dot Day 2014

Let's Get Busy podcast about Dot Day. We talk with Shannon Miller (@ShannonMMiller), Teacher Librarian and Technology integrationist in Van Meter, Iowa about International Dot Day, building meaningful connections on Skype, making your mark, and seeing where it takes you.

Dot Day Trading Cards (Grade 5). Dot Day Lesson Seeds 2013.

Trophy Dots (Grade 4). Dot Day Lesson Seeds 2013.

Press the Dots eBook (Grade 2). Dot Day Lesson Seeds 2013.

Dots Made with Friends (Grade 1). Dot Day Lesson Seeds 2013.

Crayon relief dots activity with Kindergarten. Dot Day Lesson Seeds 2013.