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For the Home

45 Pins

I'm not clever enough to invent these crafty things, but I love them - Imgur

trash and recycling that goes directly to your cans in the garage. no trash can in your kitchen...genius!

note to self .. when building a house use recessed outlets so the furniture can fit flat against the wall and there are no messy cords ... genius!!

Replace the middle board of picnic table with rain gutter for drinks. So clever!

I WANT !! Corner Cutting Board. Waste no space in the kitchen!

Stocking Up Before Baby Comes to Save Money (and your sanity!)

Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home

No pantry space? Turn an old tv armoire into a pantry cupboard.

I seriously need to have a coffee bar!

Don’t ever buy a box spring again, and never waste the space under your bed. Some people are just genius

Fantastic idea - Hidden Pantry!!

Sleepover room. Coolest thing ever!

Swings Around the Campfire...:) This is a must do!!! :)

EYE VAC: all you need to do is sweep the crumbs in the general direction of the Eye Vac and it will suck them all up!

If you are building an new home!!! slide out dog/kid doors... this is the greatest idea EVER... no more awful looking baby gates!!!

wine fridge, warming oven, double ovens AND the flat screen?

Shower behind the sinks...... Its kinda like a cave...... you dont have to worry about cleaning shower door. So neat!!

The cutest smoke detector ever

AMAZING book shelf! WANT!!

Love this oven.

I love this... Nice that laundry can not fall behind machine and a folding table right on top!

pit couch....

Kohler Waterfall Shower

WANT!!! A laundry room next to the master bedroom. The hamper goes into the master closet, and pulls out into the laundry room. Separate shelves for folded clean laundry. Amazing!

I never knew I needed a fence mural until, love this!