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This Is Why Women Live Longer - 32 Pics

This Is Why Women Live Longer - 32 Pics shaming! One of the best ones I have read

21 Guilty, but very cute puppies | Splendid Buzz

Mood Poisoning Button by kohaku16 on Etsy

Lol that's too funny!!

funeral requests - Dump A Day

If you are looking for a reason not to work out, here ya go!

Would you think less of me if I wore Zubaz?

I can't even stop laughing at this.

This wasn’t a good idea…

I would die

Yeah, I’m going to have to pass…

Not only does he love to dig holes, but he loves to sit in them and stare at everyone...

Went to Target to get milk. Left with two hundred dollars worth of stuff and forgot the milk.