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Letting feet stay busy..... students can push on the band while sitting in their chair. This will help the child who needs constant movement.

Letting Feet Stay Busy - Therapy Fun Zone

Erin Condren Teacher Planner Lesson Plan Template

6 Surprising Bad Practices That Hurt Dyslexic Users

Not all superheroes wear capes, some have special ed degrees.

You can order a box of books from this site for $12.99. They will range from toddler to young adult books. Each box contains approximately 150 books (give or take). You can also order more age/grade specific books, but it costs a bit more. There is now an advisory on their site that due to high demand, boxes may not ship for up to 5 weeks, but for $12.99, that's a small price to pay :)

special education accommodations checklist | Cumulative Resources and Information SPED 501

Ooo, this could come in handy! This website offers 830 paper templates for download. It has anything from regular lined paper to yahtzee score sheet to music paper.

QR Code Fraction Jenga! Covers most of the 4th grade CCSSs on fraction - it's self-checking - it's fun - it's FREE! Great fraction review.

Anecdotal Notes: use address labels, clipboard, Write your notes on the address labels as you walk around and observe. Later, stick them onto the child's file. Quick and easy! Then, during parent/teacher conferences, just pull out the notecard and share your observations.

My Angry Birds Puzzle Review Game on Two-Step Equations (7th Grade) - This is the key. You cut up the pieces, have students get into groups and solve the puzzle. Problems and solutions on outside are "extraneous" and for some classes, I gave them a hint of where one of the pieces went to get them started.

I put 30 equations in a bucket and had them draw one out, solve it, check their solution, make a plan for their sandwich, and then they went to the supply station and let their creative juices flow!  They made all kinds of sandwiches - smores sandwiches, pb, Big Macs.

Art in math? Yep! Our art station in math is my favorite because I know I am reaching the kids in my room who are right-brained (typically left-handed.) This poster illustrates the distributive property with Angry Birds. I mean -- how cute is THAT??

Real-life Unit Rate Activity for middle school math broken down step-by-step. Reinforces procedure to find the unit rate of three student chosen items from any grocery store advertisement. Students love unit rates because of the relevancy!

Middle School Math Rules! - Round Robin One-Step Equations - each student uses a different colored writing utensil, can be adapted for multi-step equations

Get your students attention with this fun introductory lesson for teaching integer values. www.the-tutor-hou...