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Beautiful bent wood box

Brooklyn Museum: Arts of the Americas: Crest Frontlet - Attributed to Simeon Stilthda, 1799-1883 Medium: Wood, abalone shell, pigment Dates: 1850-1875

Brooklyn Museum: Arts of the Americas: Crest Frontlet

Pacific North West Haida 1870 (headdress frontlet)

Collections - SAM - Seattle Art Museum

Northwest Coast Polychromed Wood Shaman's Rattle | Sotheby's

Lot | Sotheby's

Salmon dog | Dog Salmon Stan Wamiss

Dog Salmon Stan Wamiss


Naas shagi yeil s'aaxw (Raven at the Headwaters of Nass hat) Tlingit, Gaanax.ádi clan, Taku. Attributed to Kadyisdu.axch', Tlingit, Kiks.ádi clan, active late 18th – early 19th century. Description: Ceremonial hat Date: ca 1810; photo 2010-12-18 Medium : Maple, paint, shell, hair, baleen Current location: Seattle Art Museum There are human figures crouching within Raven's ears.

Sea Bear Mask, Haida - Copper work: 19th century British Columbia (in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York). Photo by rafael rybczynski, via Flickr.

Raven Rattle [Skidegate, British Columbia; Haida] (89.4.611) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The raven also has a prominent role in the mythologies of the Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast, including the Tsimishian, Haida, Heiltsuk, Tlingit, Kwakwaka'wakw, Coast Salish, Koyukons, and Inuit. The raven in these indigenous peoples' mythology is the Creator of the world, but it is also considered a trickster god.

Painted Wood Carving, Haida, Dogfish frontlet, ca. 1860.

unknown Haida artist (Haida), Rattle, ca. 1850, maple wood and leather Portland Art Museum

Infinity of Nations: Art and History in the Collections of the National Museum of the American Indian - George Gustav Heye Center, New York

Haida Northwest Indian Art Artifacts

"Creatively Teaching Multicultural Art" by author Marvin Bartel, and the International Education Daily.

L'art haïda - Les voies d'une langue ancienne - Masque, anonyme, Côte du Nord-Ouest, Autochtone: Haïda, 1800-1850, 19e siècle // Haida Art - Mapping an Ancient Language - Mask, anonymous, Northwest Coast, Aboriginal: Haida, 1800-1850, 19th century

Ernest Swanson, 14k Yellow Gold Pendant, Raven's Tale, Northwest Coast Haida Art

Lattimer Gallery - Ernest Swanson - 14k Yellow Gold Pendant

1973 Bill Reid Haida Art Dogfish (Shark) Print

Haida Wool Button Blanket with Killer Whale Design/ I'm obsessed with Haida art. Obsessed.

Haida Art Today: October 2009

Haida Art Today: October 2009