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I don't think he said it quite like that, but point taken. To be nerdy, though, cameras are not as well designed as our eyes and can distort perception when certain variables are skewed.

Wise words from Abraham…

creativity, Maya Angelou

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education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. ~ albert einstein

oh so true! my stomach turns when I see people who are mean to they're kids under the guise of "im preparing them for the cruel world" ugh!

Don't get into arguments with people who are in it for the joy, you'll use your time getting nowhere, you'll use energy that you could spend on worthy things, you'll use arguments that they won't be willing to hear or acknowledge, and when it's over you'll feel like all this was not worth it in the first place. Instead, just let in go in the beginning, it will drive them crazy! ~~Angela

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