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Math help - pipe cleaner and beads

When I Was A Teacher

LOVE this "counting on" center! Great for introducing the concept.

Apples and ABC's: Linking Cubes Math Centers

Equivalent fraction anchor chart 3.NF.A.3a

Spotlight on Kindergarten: Moving on to Subtraction! (freebies)

Here's a fun way for those sports fans in your classroom to practice their math facts. Shoot the basketball into the basket that shows the correct answer to the math problem.

Not Your Average Paper Clock craft: Lets face it: Learning how to tell time is tough. There are just so many rules to memorize. The hour hand is short. The minute hand counts by fives. The hour hand speaks first. Oy vey! My mind spins just thinking about it. As a primary school teacher, I used all kinds of different clocks to teach these rules and, without question, this homemade variety was my all time favorite because it brought all of those complicated rules together in one spot.

Kids build fact families and work with missing addends while also refining important fine motor skills. (Free idea!)

I really wish more teachers would teach this. I never counted on my fingers because i knew this. I still use it. Definitly teaching this to my kids.

Math Coach's Corner: Using Number Bracelets to Develop Number Sense. Like dot cards and rekenreks, number bracelets provide concrete practice for number combinations and composing/decomposing numbers. Check out this post for instructions for making and using number bracelets.

Math Coach's Corner: Developing Fluency w/ Number Bracelets. Concrete practice for combinations of each number from 1-10, which lays the foundation for fluency w/ addition/subtraction facts. • Instructions and labels for making the number bracelets • Instructions for using the bracelets in a variety of ways with suggestions for differentiation • Prompts for using a math journal to record all combinations of the numbers from 1 to 10 • Missing addend equation cards for hands-on practice $

Craft sticks with magnet strips - great for creating groups of ten!

Dollar store photo albums… Turn them into flashcard fun! Easy to write and wipe, just insert what you are working on. You could even just insert white paper and have them work on writing sight words, so many ways to use them! So smart!