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Anne Boleyn's pearl crown. Gorgeous color of emeralds, looks like tin but Id think it would be made in gold~

Rare surviving Tudor chemise, Museum of Costume in Bath.

Hampton Court Palace. London. 1472-1530. Tudor. The Tudor Great Hall. Gorgeous... and they forgot one of Anne's ciphers... LOL

Tomb of Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth of York Parents of King Henry VIII in Westminster Abbey

Canon in honour of Henry VIII, 1516, written around the Tudor Rose.

The House of Tudor produced five Monarchs who ruled during the period 1485 to 1603

Miniature French painting of Queen Anne Boleyn. I like this because it shows more of how she looked.

  • Sandy Nicholson

    I agree! She had to have been beautiful to have drawn sooo much attention! Thank you - I have never seen this anywhere!

  • Tammy Traylor

    Sandy, You are so welcome!!! I think she was absolutely stunning!!! =)

  • Sandy Nicholson

    Is it just me or do all the women of that time look alike in their portraits....then again They were almost always related, lol.

  • Tammy Traylor

    Lol, Sandy!!!!!!!!! You are right!!!!!!! They do look alike and for good reason , lol!!!!! That tickled me, lolololololololol!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandy Nicholson

    Haha, glad its not just me!

Facial reconstruction of Queen Anne Boleyn by Emily Pooley. This is the face that manipulated one of the most powerful men in the world.

The Love Letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn

An early 20th-century painting of Anne Boleyn, depicting her deer hunting with the King.

Letter From Anne Boleyn to Cardinal Wolsey, 1528-Excerpt: 'My Lord, after my most humble recommendations, this shall be to give unto your Grace, as I am most bound, my humble thanks for the great pain and travail that your Grace doth take in studying by your wisdom and great diligence how to bring to pass honourably the greatest wealth that is possible to come to any creature living; and in especial remembering how wretched and unworthy I am in comparing to his Highness. ' READ letter online...

Excerpt from a letter written by Anne Boleyn to King Henry VIII., Late Summer 1526. The only 'love' letter of Anne's, to the King, that survives-'Sire, It belongs only to the august mind of a great king, to whom Nature has given a heart full of generosity towards the sex, to repay by favors so extraordinary an artless and short conversation with a girl.' FOLLOW the link to read full letter...

Anne Boleyn attired for a Court Masque, as St. Barbara, by Holbein. The artist was not only Court Painter to Henry VIII.,but he as well designed many of the costumes, props and settings, for the Masques so well loved by Henry and his Court.

Anne Boleyn's Psalter, circa 1529-1532 The left page bears the Rochford badge, her father's symbol.

King Henry VIII. I love English history and study of the Tudor family is fascinating.

Anne Boleyn -It is not known when she caught the attention of the King, but Anne’s older sister, Mary, had been Henry’s mistress . Anne probably learned from Mary’s example. Anne denied Henry any sexual favors and refused to be his mistress. This only made the King pine for her more; he lavished her with jewelry, clothing, royal titles for her family, her own set of servants and palace apartments. He wrote her passionate love letters, in which 17 of them are preserved in the Vatican library.

Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn in happier days by David Wilkie Wynfield, 1865.