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Random Ramblings

Random facts, jokes, & assorted things I like. Seriously, be prepared for unsorted randomness + things that I think are generally hilarious :) If something offends you, suck it up and stop being a child. If I haven't offended you yet, please be patient, I'll get to you shortly :) Please note that none of these links have been checked + none of the pictures are mine. No copyright infringement intended. If you would like to be acknowledged or have the picture removed, let me know. Enjoy!

It's not as offensive with a pretty drawing of a cat, right? Lol

Even when it's cold out, I go outside and take a deep breath. It helps so much. "When I'm stuck on a question, I spend some time in nature and always find my answer." Katrina Mayer

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Haha true, glad I don't have those problems anymore!

Funny rotten ecard

Good stuff

Various tidbits of information.

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I died reading this lol

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The 10 Best SNL skits. Having a bad day? Save for later. I am crying!

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